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There are landmarks in history that endure forever: bright beacons in the memory of individuals or even entire countries. The 2018 FIFA World Cup was one such landmark – a tidal wave of joy and happiness that engulfed the whole nation.
This football celebration was almost 10 years in the making, and we put our heart and soul into it. Our efforts, it seems, were not in vain. For 30 days, Russia was awash with joy, kindness and hospitality as football took over. Good vibes of love and celebration extended from our country right around the globe, and all of us felt proud
of Russia and our people.
We hope that, from the very first page, this book transports you back, and that you can again feel the happiness of those warm and carefree days of June and July 2018, when the stadiums rocked with wild abandon and the excitement of football was all we could think of.
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Thank you, Russia, and all the national teams that took part in the World Cup. Thanks for the football and all the emotions. I'm sure that when you open this book you will re-experience that genuine happiness that only the World Cup can provide!
This book is neither a historical nor a sociological study, nor is it an analysis of football strategy and its evolution. It is rather a concentrated emotion, a kaleidoscope of memories and feelings that we collected just after the tournament to share with you.
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